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Friday, March 18, 2011

Evol burrito review

Frozen burritos are not a go to meal for me. Usually I think they are boring and not very filling. And cooking them in the microwave makes the tortilla tough. In New York, there are so many cheap Mexican joints with great burritos that it just doesn't seem like a good idea.

But for the last few months, people have been telling me about Evol Burritos- Evol has a philosophy I appreciate: the use real, unprocessed ingredients. Reading their labels are refreshing. My chicken black bean burrito contained ingredients like free-range chicken, cheese, beans, garlic and rice. I could pronounce all of them! This is a good sign.

My local health food store has the burritos on special for $1.79- at that price I couldn't pass up giving them a try.

I took the burrito to work. It was easy to transport, fast to cook (under 3 minutes) and surprisingly delicious! The burrito filling was as good as anything I have had fresh- the chicken was finely shredded and well spiced. My burrito did suffer a bit of tough-tortilla syndrome after being nuked, so the next time I might try cooking it in the toaster oven.

And now you will have to excuse me... I have some burrito shopping that can't wait...

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