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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Exploring Grocery Stores: Natural Green Market

As an employee at a dried fruit company, I am also trying new products in the office. I still never get tired of exploring grocery stores and trying new things.

Tonight, I went to the Natural Green Market on 3rd Avenue at 16th Street. They stock great quality organic produce and a cool steam table (half off after 8pm). But my favorite thing about this oversized bodega is that they love to stock new, exotic and even strange snacks.

Tonight I picked up three things I have never seen before.

The Good Bean is a foil bag with roasted chickpeas, flavored with chili and lime. I was excited to try them- I like to roast my own chickpeas but it can be a little messy to clean up. This could be a good snack- low in fat, high in protein, easy to carry around, and not too expensive at $2.29.

Inside the bag:

Unfortunately these guys taste nothing like homemade chickpeas. They are not crunchy- just crumbly. There is barely any chili or lime flavor to speak of.

Tune in tomorrow, after lunch, for a review of the Evol burritos!

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