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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lesser Known Markets

I love shopping for food. My hobby of looking for new items and fawning over the first fresh strawberries of the season occasionally results in a kitchen full of food that I cannot eat fast enough. I am working on my addiction.

But with so many great markets in New York City, how can I resist? I live a few blocks away from the Union Square Greenmarket, which, like many farmers' markets in NYC, is open year round. There are also other, less well known markets, that have delicious finds, offer hard-to-find specialty items, and fabulously fresh produce.

Chelsea Market
This "market" is more like a mall for all things food. Housed in the same building that is home to the Food Network, Chelsea Market also offers several bakeries (bread, muffins, cupcakes), restaurants (a creperie, a "green" bistro with a killer kimchi burger, a deli), a butcher, a gelateria, and my favorite, an amazing produce and bulk food store. The market often hosts neat events so check the calendar before go. 15th Street and 9th Avenue, Chelsea

Economy Candy
It is very difficult to leave Economy Candy empty handed. This cramped store is packed from floor to ceiling with the basics like gummy bears and Pez, but also offers an impressive selection of imported candies and hard-to-find childhood favorites.  I recommended Zots (fizzing hard candy) and Violet bubble gum. 108 Rivington Street, Lower East Side

Myers of Keswick
I wish I found Myers of Keswick sooner. The owners import cookies, candies, crackers, sauces and canned food from England. They also offered prepared pies, sausages and scones. I like to pick up HP Sauce and Aero candy bars. Closed Sundays, 634 Hudson Street, West Village

Essex Market
 This is a market with history. You can find almost anything you need inside: from a meal at Shopsins to fine cheese, this long open building has many vendors that blend together. Specialty produce and fish are the best finds at Essex. 120 Essex Street, Lower East Side

Sunrise Mart
Located above St. Mark's bookstore, Sunrise Mart specializes in Asian imports including food and kitchenware. It's easy to find noodles of every variety, spectacular green tea ice cream, and very fresh seafood. The store is tiny and often crowded, so be prepared to spend some time in line. 29 3rd Avenue, East Village

Do you have know a great specialty shop? What products do you have trouble tracking down?


  1. what market are those lilacs from

  2. They are from the Union Square market, last season. Luckily, lilac season will soon be upon again!